Shipping from Thailand to USA

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Since 2000, export and import business has developed between Thailand and USA. The main business is export from Thailand even many import shipments to Thailand has grown up too.

Thailand offers many services to ship to USA: sea freight, air freight, express shipment, etc. The best way of transport depends on the final volume and weight of the goods.
Usually, most of export are made by sea freight (around 70% of export). Air freight and express services are dedicated to export shipments of parcels or/and low weight shipments.

USA offers many infrastructures (port, airport, terminal…)all around the country to receive goods from Thailand. There are more than 10 main ports and many asset ports and terminals. Regarding air freight, every state has at least one custom airport.

Most of shipping lines and air freight carriers provide freight services to USA and their freight rates are similar. Some shipping lines offer higher rates because of their transit time or customer services. Freight rates change monthly because of:

  • fuel variation (rates are revised every month)
  • shipping line policy
  • port or airport of delivery in USA
  • volume and weight
  • commodities (rates changed according to the products: dry goods, general goods, fresh products, hazardous products…)

There are no special laws and restrictions to import in USA. But there are some regulations that consignee must respected.

  • Consignee must be registered as import company in USA
  • Consignee must be registered on USA customs administration

US companies can import all kind of goods. Anyway, there are some products which required special attention:

  • foods and beverages
  • cars, motors and mechanic system
  • cosmetic and pharmaceutic items
  • chemical products

For this categories of products, customs authorities required special import licenses, certificate of conformity for the products…

Regarding duties and taxes, the amount depends on:

  • commodity (description of the goods)
  • quantity
  • value of the goods (C&F value)

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